Jumping in at the Deep End!

I've bitten the bullet... and finally signed up for my first 10K! Here's the proof:

I've been training every second day for the past two weeks in the run up to the event. My times have improved from 5K in 37 minutes (which was walking & jogging intervals) to 6K in 42 minutes (contineous jogging) which is quite impressive considering I only started running four weeks ago!

This is how I imagine I'll look running across the finish line

I have set the ambitious goal (well... for my standards anyway) of doing the 10K in under 1 hour 15 minutes. Hey, I'm no Usain Bolt but I reckon it's a healthy target time to reach for my first race. I'll be spending the next few weeks out on the road in the rain, in the wind and in the dark trying to up my game before the big day in a little over three weeks time.

This is more likely how I'll look 1.5km in...

I've decided to add another layer to my first run... Accountability. This is achieved by fundraising for Pieta House who are opening their first centre in the West of Ireland this year (in Tuam). Pieta House are the Charity of the Year at work (I am on the committee) so I sent an email around and gathered 23 colleagues to run the 10K in aid of Pieta where we have a group target of €2,000 (but I'll leave that up to them to collect).

If you have even €1 spare, would you please click on the link below and sponsor me in running my first 10K - I promise I won't let you down.

I'll post more details about the event soon. In the meantime, check out the race website on www.rockandroad.ie