My alarm went off Monday morning at 7am and I hid under the blanket. I could hear the wind and rain outside, which amplifies the warmth of your bed for some reason. Like a plaster, I ripped back the duvet, threw on a hoody & pants, put the lead on the dog and we were out the door in 5 minutes for a run around the neighbourhood.

When I got back home I tweeted (which I do from time to time):

So I went about my daily routine, showered and headed off to work. About three hours later my phone lit up with a mention on Twitter from Adverts.ie:

WHAT!? So I contacted Adverts.ie and yep, they asked for my address (which I provided - I'm a sucker for free stuff). Fast-forward to today when I get this in the post:

How amazing is that?! Especially considering my post from the day before about my Sportshop-aphobia!


  1. You're the luckiest person in the world, Mr Q. I'm gonna get you to buy all my lottery tickets from now on.

    1. Hey - Don't start rubbing my luck off me!

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