3 Days to Go: Ditch Your Monkey

With Weight Watchers, it easy to track your progress as its a physical number. You weigh what you weigh. With Running, its also easy to track your progression. You can track distance, time or speed. The one thing which we are all guilty of overlooking is our mental health. 

This week SpunOut.ie launched their #DitchTheMonkey campaign which is not only brilliant, but the series also has these epic videos accompanying it. There are 5 videos in total: Contribute, Accept, Be Healthy, Connect and Be Aware. The series is based on the 'five ways to wellness', a set of evidence based actions which promote positive mental health. Often, our own negative thoughts hold us back from being happy and healthy. (That's SpunOut's line but I like it)

Here are my favourite 3 videos:

#1: Be Aware
Choose to ignore negative thoughts and try to stay positive - Article Here

#2: Be Healthy
Just 30 minutes a day - Article Here

#3: Contribute
Contribute to friendships, family and the community - Article Here

What monkey are you carrying around with you?