48 Hours Later: A Cold Bath and Afternoon Tea

It's been 48 hours since the marathon and seen as I bored ye with a countdown, I figured I'd bore ye again with an update of my recovery since crossing the finish line. I think my Facebook status really shows how exciting my Sunday evening was after finishing the marathon:

Yep, I got home and went straight upstairs into an ice cold bath for 10 minutes. It has to be the most unpleasant thing in the whole world... but the soothing feeling that washes over aching muscles can't be described! I was planning on going to bed for an hour or two but once I realised I had left my phone downstairs, I had no choice but to go back downstairs. I couldn't bring myself to tackle the stairs again so I spent my Sunday night on the couch over indulging in treats. I had a constant stalker watching my every move:

Mine? Mine mine?

Thankfully I had Monday booked off work so I was surprised to wake up at 9am full of beans. My calfs were still quite tight so I was planning on taking it easy for the day. I met with my friend Yvonne (who was also off work) and the two of us headed off into town and treated ourselves to a spot of Afternoon Tea... I KNOW - on a Monday! How posh!


After our slice of luxury, we wandered around some shops in Galway spending money on shite like flowers and runners. It really was a lovely relaxing way to spend the day eating cake and drinking coffee, gossiping about everyone and anything. When I got back home I spent the evening catching up on TV and faffing around the house - I even hoovered out the car. - that shows how bored I must have been! 

Yesterday [Tuesday] morning I woke up feeling refreshed and back to normal. I can't determine if it was the Afternoon Tea, cold bath or the light walking around town that loosened up my calf muscles but something worked! Everything was back to normal. I went to 7am Bootcamp, went to work and then went to Weight Watchers! Down 2lbs this week. Woooop! Now I can't determine if that would have been more had I not had the nachos and Afternoon Tea but do you know what... they were worth it!

I'm busy looking for what I'll do next - I've had to stop myself looking at marathons coming up this summer! I wonder are marathons like tattoos or child birth? Do people quickly forget the pain in search for their next hit? If thats the case... consider me hooked!


  1. I've only done a half marathon but described it afterwards as just like childbirth - pure torture while you're in the midst of it but quickly forgotten afterwards when elation, adrenaline and a massive sense of achievement takes over and it joins the list of best days of my life! Well done on completing the full!

    1. I'll never experience childbirth so I can imagine its the closest feeling in terms of going from WTF to pure joy :) Thanks Kitty. Any plans for another half for you?

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