The Easter Challenge...

I woke up yesterday morning to find the Easter Bunny had arrived...


I reckon trying to beat The Crystal Maze or The Cube would have been easier than trying to work out the propoints on these bad boys. You may think, why bother propointing a massive giant egg but I 'm trying to be good and reckon... why not? If I propoint it, I can work with it and try balance it out.

I was faced with three options:

1. Just eat it - worry about it later/forget to propoint it 
2. Google it - pick a propoint value of another egg close to it
3. Work it out - actually try calculate the propoints in it.

Now, I can be guilty of taking Option 1 when it suits me - Sometimes I fall into that trap of 'Sure I was out for a run today so that will cancel out this'. I knew though that this was going to be more than a run.

Route 2 turned up a Propoint value of 15 for the egg alone and 2pp for each sweet. There was about 10 in the pack so 35pp seems legit.

Route 3 nearly reauired a degree in quantum physics. The Lindt Egg had calorie information but it was per 100g for the egg and 100g for the sweets. The entire pack weighted 355g but it had no information on how much the egg was. I manually weighed the egg (it comes in at 185g). So 100g of egg was 15 propoints. That makes 185g off egg 28 propoints.

My egg came with loads of Lindt sweets - I worked out 100g of them came in at 17 propoints. The egg was 185g of the 355g so the sweets were 170g. This made them 29 propoints.

In total: 57 propoints.

57 propoints is a hell of a long way off the 35 propoints I would have guessed had I gone down Route 2. 35 propoints is a galaxy away from the 0 propoints I would have accounted for had I gone down Route 1.

All this for only ONE of the two eggs.

The Butlers Egg (Yellow one) had NO nutritional information on it making it impossible to propoint. I googled, I checked their website, checked their Facebook - nothing! 

This poses an important philosophical question: If an easter egg has no nutritional information available and it gets eaten and no one sees it... does it still count? I suspect the answer is no (Damn it!)

So... I ate the Lindt Egg. Yep, all 57 propoints of it! Yep, it was delicious. Yep I loved it and yep... I propointed it!


  1. good on ya :D
    I ate mine and took route 1...oops!

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