At the June Half Way Point

30 days have September, April June and November. Yesterday was the 15th of June so I figure now is a good time to dip in and see how I'm getting on towards my goals for this month as I know I have been seriously neglecting one of them - Goal 1.

Goal 1 was to work on strength and speed-work while running and add some cross-training into the mix. I can tell you now that I have done... ONE 20 minute Jillian Michael's workout. ONE! That's it. I can't imagine that is going to make much of a difference. The reason I added this goal as a priority was following my injury last month where the physio had told me I need to work on my strength to get a stronger glute!

I need to start working on my strength to get myself in a proper shape if I am going to take running seriously. My knee hasn't been at me as much but from time to time I do still feel it niggling - so I reckon I'm 90% better but that remaining 10% is still hanging around like a bad smell. Instead of just throwing the towel in and saying 'Well I feiced that one up', I'm going to put my time into the next three weeks before holidays to start working on my strength.

I had thought about joining a Kettlebells or Spinning Class for the month of June but reckoned "Ah no, I'll keep them until Autumn/Winter when the weather is getting worse" but that didn't really help me. I think I need the structure of a class that I need to attend in order to get myself out there otherwise I'll let it slip.

I plan on attending at least ONE Spin Class a week as I have found a local class being run near home at 7pm in the evenings (so stay tuned for my first Spin Class post). I would also really like to do Kettlebells but again I think it'll have to wait until after I come back from holidays as most of these classes operate on a month-by-month basis so it's difficult to just find one to drop in to when you aren't a member of a gym offering these classes.

In terms of running and Goal 2, I am well on track to hit my 100K target. I have already clocked up 61K so far this month and its funny looking at my chart below how 10K now seems to be my standard run length. I think since I started clocking 10K in less than a hour, I find it easier to think to myself 'I'll head out now and be back within the hour' and it feels like I have had a proper workout when I get home. Nothing is more satisfying than a post-run shower.

My plan for this week is to attend my first Spinning class, run in the 2nd of our June 10K's and I have the Clare 10K this coming Saturday in Ennis where I would LOVE to come in under 50 minutes *fingers crossed*

Oh ya - and in other news I got my 13th Silver 7 in Weight Watchers this week... 6 and a half stone!