*New Find* Muller Light Desserts - Propointed

I was strolling around my local Tesco and saw these new Muller Light Desserts so picked them up! I love them. So delicious - The Fudge is my favourite which is surprising as I usually gravitate towards the most point-y variety. They come in three different flavours:

  • White Chocolate - 3 PPs
  • Fudge - 2 PPs
  • Milk Chocolate - 3 PPs

While on the topic of Yogurts & Muller Light, here are some other points you might find useful:
  • Muller Light Vanilla (and most others) 175g Pot - 2 PP
  • Muller Light (Banana & Custard) 175g Pot - 3 PP
  • Muller Light Vanilla & Chocolate - 165g Pot (in 6pk) - 2 PP
  • Muller Light Vanilla, Dark Chocolate & Black Cherry (in 6pk) - 165g Pot - 3 PP
  • Muller Light New York Style Cheesecake (in 6pk) - 165g Pot - 2 PP

  • Muller Light Greek Style Coconut Yogurt - 120g Pot - 2PP

Don't get caught out though with the Muller Rice's - Despite being labelled 'Low Fat', one 190g Pot will cost 5 PPs.