New Shoes, Week 2 of the June Series and the Clare 10K

What a week it's been... As you can tell from my last blog post, I was up 2lbs at Weight Watchers this week but that hasn't stopped me in any way. As I said before, I'm being extremely optimistic about last weeks blip and am putting it down to the fact there will be bumps in the road - they are guaranteed, but what matters is not the bump itself, rather how you deal with the consequences.

On Tuesday, I got the following tweet which brought a massive smile to my face:

New Shoes & Rock and Roll Entry

I have already signed up to the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in August so I was delighted to be able to give my entry to Clair who is going to run it with myself and Brad :) Clair was meant to run the Clare Burren Half with me back in May, in fact, Clair paid for my entry as a gift so I was delighted to be able to re-pay the favour (even if it cost me nothing). I also get a new pair of shoes! Exciting! I'll soon have more running shoes than I have actual shoes :)

On Tuesday evening (just after my weigh in), myself Brad Clair Yvonne and Sinead gathered in Claregalway for the second week of our June 10K Series... This week was in Claregalway as Brad was hosting. Brad had gone to great effort to plan out a 10K route for us, only for me to turn up and suggest another route I had mapped.

Myself Clair and Brad took off on the 11K route I had mapped and I have to say, the run was fab. We stayed together and had a good chat as we ran the back roads around Claregalway and Carnmore. On a side note - how scary are horses? We passed three people out horse-riding and I was thinking "Imagine getting kicked by a horse?". Sometimes when I am running my mind goes to weird places, like "What would happen if I snapped my ankle?" or "Why do birds sit on telephone wires?"... Suppose it keeps my mind engaged and off the thoughts of the road ahead.

After the run finished, I dashed off and headed home to Ennis as it was my Mam's birthday and I wanted to see her :) I took Wednesday evening off from running but went for a lovely walk with my other half and the dog as it was a lovely evening and I just wanted to do something in the fresh air after a day in the office freezing my ass off under the air-con. 


The Clare 10K is tomorrow morning at 10am so I am heading off to Ennis this evening for an early night in my parents house. Anyone from or who knows Ennis, the route is pretty sound. Starting on Lee's Road, we run to the Lahinch Rd, passed the Tech School and up to the Club Bridge before turning right past the Fair Green and the Hospital. I love that this route takes in the Gort Road as I'll be passing my parents house again before turning left out past Drumcliff graveyard and back to Lee's Road.

Route Map for the Clare 10K

I would absolutely love to beat my 10K Personal Best (of 51m 55s). I'll be over the moon if I clock under 50 minutes. Roll on tomorrow!


  1. Oooh I hate horses too - I have to walk past loads of them by the Guinness Storehouse on my way to and from town every day and I always get freaked out by them!

    You are totally inspirational with all your running! Reading your posts helps keep me motivated towards my running goals xx

    1. Thanks Zed! Keep running and I promise, we'll meet at a Start Line somewhere :) Whats next on your running agenda?

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