Now that the Galway 5K Series is over...

I imagine yesterday evening saw around 700 people in the Galway region looking for something to do seen as for the past 6 Tuesdays we have gathered at different parts of Galway for the 5K Series. Well, you know the saying 'When one door closes...', we decided to open a new one. We came up with a plan to continue on with our own June Series of 10K runs to bring us up to the Summer Holidays.

The advantage of organising our own runs were that we can start pretty much straight after work so we can be back home & on the couch by 8pm. We also decided to increase the distance to 10K... so with that in mind, we made up our own 10K Series - Look at the fancy expensive logo I made for it and everything:

(Disclaimer: I made this in PowerPoint in about 10 seconds - Don't judge me!)

So... Why Oranmore, Annaghdown, Claregalway & Togher? Well... we all live in these places so we can gather/park/change at each others houses before heading off for our run. Each host has to have a 10K route in their area we can all run. The series has been affectionately nicknamed TOCA by Brad so for that reason, Toca's Miracle has become our Theme Tune:

Yesterday evening, despite the rain - 7 of us (Clair, Yvonne, Gordon, Sinead, Brad, Cathal and myself) headed off out the door in the rain for our run around Renville Park. I had mapped out 5K, 6K, 8K and a 10K route so people could go at their own pace. Unfortunately the event itself wasn't chipped - nor will we get fancy t-shirts at the end of it... but there is a lot to be said for the act of going out for a run with friends.

1: You can't not turn up and hope you aren't missed. Friends know when you cancel on them.
2: It keeps us active during the working week
3: We are already in the swing of heading out on a Tuesday evening
4: We are motivating each other

Despite the run not being timed, my Nike+ app informed me on completion of my 10K that it was my fastest to date! DELIGHTED! I also have the Clare 10K coming up next weekend in Ennis and my goal is to beat my previous 10K Personal Best time for 52 minutes... I'd love to come in under 50 minutes :)


  1. Well done, brilliant idea to set something up for yourselves.


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