My Fitness Bucket List

I've made a list for myself of goals/things I want to do that are fitness related. Its like my Top 10. I'm sure it'll change over time, but for right now, these are the things I want to work towards:

One: Own a Gold Weight Watchers Card (with my name on it!)
In other words - don't steal/borrow/find one. I have to earn it. I know what my Goal Weight is and I know what I have left to lose to get it. Don't worry, I'm not considering gnawing off an arm or anything to get it!

Two: Complete a Big Walk 
Something like the Camino de Santiago. I would love to head off for a week and push myself to walk 120K or something like that. I think this will be one of my challenges for 2014.

Three: Learn to Swim Properly
I can kind-of swim. As in, I remember getting my 50m badge when I was in primary school for my Swimming Togs. Once you had the 50m badge, you were allowed in to the deep end of the pool. Funnily enough, I also remember nearly drowning on a school tour before. We went to the Shannon Shamrock in Bunratty (exciting I know) and I jumped in at the wrong end of the pool - Sometimes I do wonder how I'm still alive!. Anyway, the tour ended with me being pulled out of the pool by a lifeguard. I'm not afraid of water, just never learned to master it. In fact, I couldn't tell you the last time I was in a pool in Ireland. 

Four: Go to Yoga Classes
It's healthy, increases strength, flexibility and balance. 

Five: Do Zumba
I love a bit of synchronized dancing - but I must have the worst hand-eye-leg-toe co-ordination in the world. Sometimes I even wonder how I manage to drive. I would like to do a round of Zumba or something just to get in something different into my life. I've done a few of the work out DVDs before like Tae Bo and stuff but I'd love to attend classes with booming music.

Six: Make a Custom T-Shirt
I don't know what it would say but I've seen people in races with cool custom made t-shirts. I would love to get one done up and wear it in a race. I have an idea in mind but I'll save it for a later post!

Seven: Learn the full Judas routine
I love Lady Gaga, I love Judas. It is one of her finest songs and sometimes I have to struggle with the inner conflict of thinking it may actually be better than Bad Romance - then I slap myself and acknowledge the amazingness of Bad Romance and agree that Judas is in fact Lady Gaga's second best song of all time (and in my own Top 5 Best Song of All Time Ever List!)

Eight: Revist a Demon
Demons come in all different shapes and sizes. I don't know what my demon is just yet, but when I find it, I will smash through it. Last Summer Croagh Patrick got the better of me and there was no better feeling in the world than reaching the top of it on December 30th - just before the end of the year. It was tough, it was cold and it was a challenge - but I did it! I want to fight another demon now.

Nine: Run 5K in 20 minutes and 10K in 45 minutes
Yep... I want to run harder better faster stronger. Considering I've knocked my 5K time down from over 37 minutes back in January to 23 minutes in May - surely I can continue working at my strength and fitness to push myself to do a 20 minute 5K. Likewise, my 10K time is around the 52 minute mark at the moment - down from 65 minutes in March. I would love to be able to run 10K in 45 minutes.

Ten: Run a Marathon
I don't know if I will run one this year, but I would love to run a marathon. The thought of it scares me right now, but then again the thoughts of the 10K scared me a few months ago. A Marathon takes a huge amount of training and work but I think I'll be up for the challenge.


  1. Great Bucket list and also very practical, you've proven already that you can do anything when you put your mind to it and these will be no different :)

    1. Thanks HBG! I hope so... It's crazy looking back at seeing what I thought would be impossible become possible. From where I'm standing now, some of them look really tough but I know if I work on it, I'll get there :)

  2. This is a great list! D'ya know what - when I joined WW the very first time, they didn't have any blue cards left so they gave me a gold one the very first night. I felt like I had nothing to work towards! Amazing how much a little card can mean. I have no doubt you will get it, and tick the other 9 things off the list along the way too!

    1. Epic getting the Gold Card to start - pity you still had to pay though :) I don't know why the Gold Card is so important to me as I know how far I've come already but for some reason I JUST WANT ONE!

  3. Great List & very achievable

  4. I need to see you doing Judas!! Item one on my bucket list. See John do Judas. LOL

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