Blog Awards - On The Short List

I woke up this morning to find the Short List for the Blog Awards Ireland had been published. While I didn't make it out of the Best Newcomer Blog or Best Personal Blog categories onto the Short List, I did make it onto the Short List for Best Sport/Recreational Blog.

My reaction on seeing I was in the Sports Category

I know what you are thinking... Best Sports/Recreational Blog?! WTF! I didn't even know I was nominated in that category but I went back to look at the Long List and yep, there I was sitting in the Long List there alongside 32 other blogs including the likes of Elverys & Munster Running blogs - which I both read. 

So... Myself and 9 other blogs have progressed from the Long to the Short List in our category which is ace! I'm thrilled. I suppose in fairness, the chances of making Top 10 from the 170+ Personal Blogs on the short list would require something quite phenomenal, so I am just delighted to be able to hang a new Purple 'Short Listed' Badge on my Website :)

Judging re-opens on all of the Shortlisted Blogs and the Finalists will be announced at the end of September before the Awards themselves mid-October. Best of Luck to all other Blogs nominated. I'm also delighted to see my very good friend The Skinny Doll has been Shortlisted for Best Health & Wellbeing Blog. Yay - Go Doll!

Take it away Britney...


  1. Hahaha I love the first Britney gif!! I feel much the same about my categories, but sure anyway - we'll go with it! Congratulations x

    1. LOL! I'm delighted to have made the Short List regardless :) Just find a certain cosmic irony in the fact its for a Sports Blog... Oh if my PE teacher could see me now

  2. Congrats totally deserved :)

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