So, @_JustGina just tweeted me:

So there you have it! I have been nominated for the #RaboTweeties under in the extremely flattering category of Inspiration. The link to the Short List is here: http://www.digitaltimes.ie/digitalmedia/16276/

First off, what are the #RaboTweeties:
The first awards show to recognise the power, reach and genius of Twitter & the people, businesses, media firms and celebrities who use it.
And what category am I nominated for:
An Irish person, artist, entrepreneur, cause, company, educational establishment, school, college or service that inspires you on Twitter, someone who makes you want to retweet and share with your followers.


So... Unlike the Blog Awards, you can help with the #RaboTweeties. Their where, when, how to vote guide (here) says:
Twitter users have one vote per category. You can vote for one category or them all, it’s up to you. You can vote for yourself and even ask your followers to vote for you. Just describe who or what you want to vote for, or include their Twitter handle and then include the relevant category hashtag. It’s that easy. Voting is open now and closes on September 18th, 2013.

So if you would like to vote for me, its simple:

Tweet mentioning me @quinlivan and #TweetieInspire 

Other nominations in the category include:
I am in absolute shock to even be considered alongside these people. And while I stand a snowballs chance in hell alongside these Tweeters, I am proud to have been nominated.

In terms of how I could possibly stand alongside some of those people is beyond me, and for that reason I am doing the following:


  1. John I don't think you understand what an inspiration you really are! I have struggled the last few months but when I read your posts or your comments on my page I feel like I can do it. I'm taking it a a day at a time and I am finally at a place where I am losing weight rather than gaining and it is because of people like yourself and others on blogs, on the FB page or in class that have got to or are near goal. Well done it is a truly deserving nomination. I only went onto your twitter now and noticed Britney is following you so you must be doing something right :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I find it crazy that someone would think that about me when I subscribe to so many other blogs (yours included) which I take huge amounts of inspiration from. It must be a cycle of motivation we share around to each other. Sometimes what other people say stick more with us than what we write ourselves in our posts.

      Thanks Duffy!

      (Also, I didn't know Britney was following me, you have made my year by pointing that out!!!).

  2. Best of luck John, it is great to be nominated alongside you I have to say! Well done on all you have achieved and also, this is great for us to all get to know each other and read each others stuff lol. xx

    1. Thanks Samantha! Very best of luck to you too :) Can't believe it!

  3. I'm not even on any weightloss or fitness journey at the minute and you inspire me, I think what you've done over the past year is nothing short of amazing and you should be incredibly proud of yourself x

    1. Thanks so much Sharon :) Really appreciate it x

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