Mr Photographer... Make sure you catch me from my good side!

Peter Mooney was at the Athlone Half Marathon on Saturday snapping away good-oh before, after and at the 21K mark. You can check out all the photos here: 

I have this love/hate feeling when I see a Photo Album going up on Facebook, especially after a race as you never know what state you'll find yourself in (or even if you were snapped). Much to my surprise, I found this one of me that I actually like, especially when you consider this was just around the corner from the finish line at the 13 mile mark.

And in case you didn't get the reference in the post title, it's from a Britney song (Kill The Lights). This post is my shout out to all the photographers who brave the elements to take photos like the ones Peter took that runners would otherwise never see. Thanks Peter!

If you ran in the Athlone Flatline, check out Peters Flickr account as he has 800+ photos from the day. All of the photographs here on Peter's Flickr set have a visible watermark embedded in them "however all of the photos are available free, at no cost, at full image resolution WITHOUT watermark. We take these photographs as a hobby and as a contribution to the running community in Ireland."


  1. Great picture to have, I don't think I've ever seen someone look as happy to be running a half marathon before!! Definitely one for the wall ;-)

    1. Thanks Sharon! That was right before the finish line too (I think that explains the happiness!)

  2. Excellent John another job well done. You sure do look happy in that pic. as said one for framing big time :)

  3. Soooo I need to learn how to look that good after a 1 mile jog never mind 13miles :P Go you, fantastic pic and such a good memory from the day :)

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