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A guy at work (Thanks Kieran) recently brought in a big box of The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans which inevitably ended in me grabbing a handful every time I passed the open jar of deliciousness.

Google couldn't tell me the Weight Watchers pro-points in the beans and I couldn't find any Nutritional Information on the packaging. I ended up contacting The Jelly Bean Factory through Facebook who got back to me with this unhelpful information about the beans:

Using my rough and ready 40kcal = 1pp rule, that makes 100g of Jelly Beans 10pps. So I wanted to know how many jelly beans are there in 10g. The answer... Between 12-14. Yes, I had my electronic scales and I weighed various combinations of beans and found on average 12 beans = 10g = 1 propoint. And what does 1 propoint of beans look like I hear you say:

Now while this is all well and good, my problem lies in the fact it is impossible not to take a small handful from a 1.4kg tub when your handful doesn't even make a dent in the packaging. I've made it my mission to find out exactly how many points are in them and when I was in Tesco this evening (looking at the Christmas stuff), I found the Nutritional Information on the back of one of their packaging:

Mystery Solved!
I can confirm that 100g (approx 120 beans) = 10 pps! 
It would be easier to crack the Da Vinci Code!

5 Propoints in a 50g Bag

10 Propoints in the 100g Tub

20 Propoints in a 200g Tub


  1. I suppose the little bags aren't TOO bad, but the problem I'd have is that I couldn't stop at one or two, I could genuinely eat the big gigantic tub without a second thought - the tube would be okay to come out of weeklies but I think it would encourage picking during the week! Damned jellybeans.

    1. The problem is the opened, unquantifiable amount of jelly beans... kind of like a tin of roses. One rose isnt the problem, its the amount you eat over the course of the tin being open and left on the counter.

  2. Thank for sharing is post. I will have to cross-check there web site, feels like a reliable company.

    Posted by Charles Arthur | Jelly Beans

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