100 Hours Later...

I am officially over the 100 hour mark - it is now the 5th day since my last cigarette (which was at 7am Wednesday morning - not that I'm counting or anything). And despite the fact that I still haven't slept a full night since then - I'm actually quite surprised about how well the whole thing has gone for me. Of course I still find it hard not to want one, but I have really surprised myself this weekend by tackling some of the things I thought would be harder to get through... and I passed with flying colours.

The hour long car drive stuck in Friday afternoon traffic - done!
The night out with drink - done!
The sitting outside with someone else smoking - done!

I'm actually quite proud of myself.

I have decided that for the next few weeks, I am going to treat myself (more importantly my body) to some TLC. Figuring I will be 'saving' €8.50 a day, on Friday I set up a Direct Debit for the full €255 (€8.50 x 30) from my Bank Account to my Credit Union. Considering I always had that money to spend before and I never noticed it leaving my current account, I am going to continue that but in a more productive way by having it in savings. (€255 x 12 Months = €3060).

My Direct Debit doesn't starts until the end of this month, so I have three weekends to pamper myself with the €55 I won't have spent on cigarettes in the interim. Yesterday, we spent the night in Limerick (in a fab hotel called No. 1 Pery Square) so I checked myself into the Spa there and had a pedicure and leg massage for myself. I figure seen as my poor legs have been out on the tarmac for the last few months pounding the streets, the deserve a little pampering. I had my legs scrubbed, filed, wrapped in seaweed, heated, moisturised... It was bliss...

I never splash out on things like that for myself, but now I am making the effort to show myself just what I can get for the same amount of money I was spending on cigarettes. Does anyone out there have any idea of something I should try over the next two weeks? 

A Sports Massage? 
A Facial?

Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated!

This is how ridey I imagine I'll look in a few weeks time


  1. Am on day 8 myself so can empathise. I've been buying household stuff with my savings! I would recommend a facial, they are so relaxing and you usually get a neck and arm massage as well. Or a hot towel shave, my husband loves those but only gets them when I buy him a voucher.

    1. Brilliant! How are you finding it Ellie?

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