Not to go all Sally Field on ye all but...

I'm seriously chuffed to find out I've made the Long List for the 2013 Blog Awards Ireland where this blog has been nominated for 'Best Personal Blog' and 'Best Newcomer Blog'.

I've only ever been nominated for one thing before and that was an Art Competition when I was in 2nd class (about 20 years ago!). I can't remember my picture but I'm pretty sure it looked something like this:

So now I have to wait until the 8th of September to see if I survive the cut and make it on to the Short List. Regardless, I'm delighted to make the list (along with 170 others... hey, it is the Long List after all). I find this blog a great place to write down what I am thinking and making plans somewhere outside of my head. It's more of a personal journal and I want to thank ye all for taking time out of your day to read it. With that I'll leave ye with the new Lady Gaga song - Applause, which is my applause to you... (and I was looking for an excuse to put this song into a post).


  1. well done on the nomination :) you deserve it, I always enjoy reading your posts

    1. Thanks HBG! I'm one of 170 in the Long List but I still appreciate the nod regardless :)

  2. totally deserved! Love reading your posts! well earned! x

  3. Congratulations, it's always lovely to get a mention! Well deserved x


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