T minus 12 weeks...

A lot can happen in twelve weeks... It can be the shortest or the longest period of time depending on your situation. I can imagine for someone waiting to tell their friends/family that they are pregnant, it must feel like an eternity while for the student just finished their Christmas Exams will probably get a land when they find their Summer Exams are starting next week.

The Dublin Marathon is 12 weeks away... I'm hoping in my case it is more like expectant mother as opposed to the partying student. The one thing I have most definitely learned from this past weekend is the importance of preparation. I had prepared for the Clare Burren Half Marathon and was confident going into it while I was definitely a lot more shaky going into yesterdays Rock n Roll Half.

I know the next twelve weeks are going to fly by and the Marathon will be here before I know it. That is why I have a plan! I have been winging my running for the past few months - constantly pushing myself further, for longer, faster. I need a proper training plan suited to my needs for the next few months to get me across the finish line on October 28th. 

Thankfully I found the DCM 2013: Mentored Novices Thread over on boards.ie (link here). The thread is being overlooked by the wonderful career_move who is always on hand to answer and questions us novices may have. I have adapted his 18 week plan (i.e. skipped the first 6 weeks) into my own 12 week plan following his structure and plan for the next while. I've even done up a fancy colourful Timetable:

I'll be updating my progress weekly on here - I'm actually quite excited to get tucked in and push myself from 13.1 miles up to 26.2 by the end of October!


  1. Hi John, I have just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say congratulations on your weight loss.
    Good luck with The Dublin Marathon, I am in awe of you and wish you well.

    I am almost 3 months into my journey to lose 10st plus http://craftywhiterobins.blogspot.co.uk/
    Best wishes, Lorna :)

    1. Hi Lorna, Just had a look at your blog. You are doing extremely well and I love the difference you can see in your progress pics already! My one bit of advice would be not to look fully at the entire amount you want to lose but take it one half stone at a time.

      I never would have thought 7st was possible when I started off, but with each half stone I could see it becoming more of a reality. I just subscribed to your blog. Looking forward to seeing your progress :)

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