Blog Post on The Skinny Doll

I have been guest blogging over on The Skinny Doll from early in my Weight Watchers journey, and today my latest post has just gone up. I absolutely love The Skinny Doll's website (and the lady herself) who is on her own Weight Watchers journey in the right direction. 

I found her website just after I started back in August which was an absolute godsend... The site is crammed with lists of propoints of things you can actually buy in Irish shops. From Bulmers to Tangle Twisters to Supermacs, The Doll has comprehensive lists of handy points which saved me a lot of hassle starting off.

I can't recommend her blog highly enough - from her weekly challenges to inspirational posts, I think her website should be given to people when they join. If you want to check out her site - CLICK HERE.


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