50 Hours Later...

So now I'm well into Day 3 - and I'm still smoke-free. I have to say I found yesterday alright, no major cravings or anything. The hardest part has been changing routine. I have associated times and prompts which I am having to actively engage with to over-ride. For example last night, before I go to bed, I'd have gone out for a smoke and let the dog pee before locking up. Last night I found myself at the back door looking out with a sense of 'There is something I should be doing here'... 

I decided to complete the action (I went out with the dog like we usually do) - I went out to the garden and waited for CJ to do his business before locking up for the night. I've also found straight after dinner another time when I automatically get to go up and out for a smoke. Instead I preoccupied myself by making tea and loading the dishwasher until the wave passed.

I was out for a run yesterday evening, and similar to my weight loss journey, I'm finding great comfort in thinking 'This is the last time I'll run in this state'. A bit drastic I know, but what I mean is that over the coming few months, my lungs will start repairing and it's capacity will start increasing. I read this today:
Within 72 hours, the bronchial tubes in a smoker's body relax and the ability of the lungs to take in air increases. The cilia of the lungs begins regrowing within three days of the last cigarette. Cilia are tiny hairs that line the upper airways of the lungs and help protect against infection. The chemicals in cigarettes are toxic to the cilia and destroy the cilia, making the lungs increasingly vulnerable to diseases, toxins and pollutants. Regrowth of the cilia is an essential first step. Without the cilia, the lungs cannot be cleansed of the other toxic substances that developed because of the smoking habit. Within two weeks, the former smoker will notice an increase in lung function during daily activities
 Bring it on! I am clinging to every one of the 'Your body will repair' facts as this is my end goal.

The only downside to all of this has been the complete lack of sleep. I was up again last night multiple times which is completely unlike me as I can sleep on a raft, in a thunder storm, with no blanket. I went to bed around 1am hoping to sleep through to my 7am alarm but instead I saw 3am, 5am and lay awake from about 6.30. I think that's the worst part about bed... you have nothing to distract yourself with (Hey, keep it PC here folks!) whereas throughout the day, I've found plenty to keep me ticking over/distracted.

Right now I'm in work like this:

Thankfully I have a half day today so finishing up work at lunch time, then I'm off to Limerick for the night with my other half. I'm currently checking out the Spa treatments in the hotel as I feel I deserve a little pampering :) I remember someone in Weight Watchers before say 'You are not a dog, do not reward yourself with food' so I am using this line to justify spending the money that I haven't spent on cigarettes this week on myself. 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Just dropping in to say fair play to you, and stay with it. I stopped in June last year and it's the best thing I've ever done. My husband stopped in September and he's flying now too. I think people get different symptoms - I had no cravings at all and he was like a demon for about a month. I had no problem sleeping and he'd wake at 4am. That strange little "there's something I usually do now..." feeling is a great sign, I had to remind myself I was a non-smoker a few times. I read the Allen Carr book & one of the things I found really helpful was this: Would you put your hand in boiling water, just so you could get relief by putting it in ice water afterwards? That's what you do when you smoke. You use the poison to get rid of the effects of not having the poison. Madness! I hope you had a great time in Limerick :)

    1. Thanks so much Sharon :) I'm on Day 4 now and still happy out. I haven't been sleeping at all though so am shattered. I am hoping I run out of steam soon and just sleep - resetting any imbalance caused from the lack of nicotine.

      Well done to both you and your husband. Big changes in yer house too so over the past year :) And now with two on the way, looks like it certainly paid off for ye :)

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